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As an employer branding agency, we support you in emphasizing the uniqueness of your employer brand and thus applying the principles of branding to your employer brand. Employer branding (awareness and image) is an essential task in the hotly contested market for employees. You have the opportunity to influence the choice of your dream candidates - start today!

Good employer branding increases your recruiting success, your time-to-hire, the cultural fit of the new talent and employee retention in your company. From brand analysis to employer branding strategy and positioning to creation and implementation , Elite Overseas is your companion for effective employer branding.


Our services as an employer branding agency

Employer branding strategy

We support you with your employer branding strategy; peel out the core and the uniqueness of your employer brand.

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Employer branding value proposition

The employer value proposition is the result of the strategic preparatory work and the heart of your employer brand. They differentiate you from your competition.

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Employer branding measures

Your new strategy will be implemented in employer branding measures, such as a career website, landing pages, job advertisements, recruiting videos and much more.

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Employer branding agency Elite Overseas - your benefits

More success in recruiting: With a more attractive employer brand, you will receive more unsolicited applications and more suitable applications for your job advertisement.

Increase your brand awareness and sympathy: With creative employer branding concepts, you pave the way through the information overload into the hearts and minds of your target groups.

A more harmonious working atmosphere: By hiring talents who have the right cultural fit, you create the basis for good teamwork.

Stronger employee loyalty: Employer branding helps you create a common ground for employers and employees. Because only those who pursue the same goals will be successful together.

Increasing Productivity: Studies show that highly engaged, loyal employees are more productive.

Reduction of fluctuation (costs): Employees who are loyal to the company and have an emotional connection remain loyal to the company longer. With an authentic employer brand, companies strengthen the emotional bond and thus reduce fluctuation costs.

Reduction of your expenses for the management of service providers: At Elite Overseas you receive the HR full service. From employer branding to personnel marketing to recruiting.

Frequently asked questions about our work as an employer branding agency

Yes, because employer brand is just the English term for employer brand.

The difference lies in the target group. The employer brand is aimed at existing and potential employees. The corporate brand addresses various target groups with very different needs: suppliers, customers, associations, unions, authorities and many more.

Employer branding is the employer branding itself. Employer branding includes all communication measures aimed at existing and potential employees.

We are 20 recruiters in total.

Primarily, we focus on working with our own colleagues, as it is important to us to make our know-how and mindset available to you. Nevertheless, we have a network of freelancers that we can call on in peak times.

How may we support you in the context of temporary employment?

Our range of services in the area of ​​temporary employment is always individual. We have your requirements firmly in view. Elite Overseas will be happy to advise you without obligation in an initial meeting. Also get in touch if you have any unanswered questions about temporary work.

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