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Why does HR outsourcing makes sense?

Our HR Management Partners are HR administrators, personnel officers and HR Business Partners, and offer you short-term HR support during peak periods with our HR as a Service packages. HR outsourcing with Elite Overseas gives you more time for individual employee support.

The increasing workload due to HR tasks is one of the major daily business challenges. Operational HR activities vary according to recruitment peaks and troughs and sometimes cannot be planned linearly over the year in small and medium-sized enterprises, as these activities often depend on the individual situation.

Strategic HR work is also often sporadic due to individual projects. This applies both to established HR departments and to growing companies in which no permanent human resources management has yet been installed.


How does HR outsourcing work at Elite Overseas?

HR as a Service is a straightforward form of HR outsourcing and is readily available:

Step 1: Book an HR as a service package or request a customised quote. Our packages include 10, 25, 35 hours bookable by the week or you can arrange an individual package according to your needs.

Step 2: We hold an initial meeting to assess your needs and define the processes that are to be carried out by us in the future.

Step 3: Your permanent contact person at Elite Overseas receives a briefing on your processes and working methods.

Step 4: The tasks are handed over to your Elite Overseas contact person.

Human Resources outsourcing at Elite Overseas - Your advantages in the collaboration.

We offer you customized solutions and professional human resources management.

We are flexible in the increase/decrease of the hourly contingent on a weekly basis.

We support you as an HR management partner on site and remotely.

We guarantee transparent costs and HR Management Services.

Our Solutions for HR Outsourcing

#Short-term solutions:

Thanks to fast solutions and short maturities, we can provide you with ad hoc support during peak periods.

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#medium-term solutions:

We also offer HR Interim Management to take over temporary HR projects at your company.

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#long-term solutions:

You decide how much support you need. Your hourly quota is flexibly adapted to your needs.

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Frequently asked questions about HR outsourcing

Basic administrative and preparatory/post-processing activities take place remotely. Staff meetings, exchanges with managers, etc. are scheduled as fixed appointments or attendance times at the customer's premises.

No, our colleagues are well versed in the use of various applicant management systems, digital personnel management systems, etc. and can adapt to work with the client's system at short notice. Our HR generalists and HR administrators are fully equipped with the technical equipment for general HR activities.

With HR as a Service, we offer you a fixed contact person who takes over part of your HR challenges on an hourly basis at fixed agreed times. This is particularly worthwhile for small and medium-sized companies or as a temporary solution for peak workloads. If you would like to outsource your HR administration completely, we offer you the ideal solution with our HR Shared Service Center.

When booking our service packages, our customer companies receive a fixed contact person with whom times and the exact arrangement are agreed individually. This person is familiarized in detail with the customer processes. In addition, there is a substitution arrangement so that you can also benefit from our service if your contact person is on vacation.

How may we support you in the context of temporary employment?

Our range of services in the area of ​​temporary employment is always individual. We have your requirements firmly in view. Elite Overseas will be happy to advise you without obligation in an initial meeting. Also get in touch if you have any unanswered questions about temporary work.

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