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Recruiting as a Service is an uncomplicated form of HR outsourcing. As a modern recruiting agency, we offer our services within the framework of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). This means that we take over individual tasks or entire processes in recruiting. We work to the extent you need, remotely, transparently and at an attractive price.

Modern recruiting ties up many resources and is therefore a central challenge for companies. As an experienced Recruiting Process Outsourcing partner, it is our goal to strategically build up and optimize your staffing process. Thanks to our many years of experience as an RPO partner, we can support you with exactly the services you need in your individual situation.


How does Recruiting as a Service work at Elite Overseas?

With our Recruiting as a Service, we offer you short-term recruitment support. Our recruitment consultants support you on an hourly basis or per job offer, depending on your needs. RPO allows you to focus on your core business. We recruit the best people for you.

Step 1: Book Recruitment as a Service, as an hourly basis with defined tasks or per vacancy. Please feel free to ask for an individual offer.

Step 2: We conduct an initial meeting to assess your actual recruiting needs and define together with you the processes that should be carried out by us in the future. Our recruitment support is either available per job or can be booked individually with defined tasks on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.

Step 3: Your permanent contact at Elite Overseas will receive a briefing on your processes and working methods, or respectively a briefing on the vacancy to be filled.

Step 4: The tasks or vacancies are taken over and successfully implemented by your Elite Overseas contact person.

Frequently asked questions about recruiting as a service at a glance

Recruiting as a service, as offered by Elite Overseas, means that we take over the recruiting process for a certain number of positions or certain tasks and their workload for you. On request, our consultants can also work in your applicant management system. For example, if you have the challenge of being able to hire a large number of staff within a certain period of time, it makes sense to temporarily strengthen your recruiting department with our recruiting team. We then work with you to define who will take over which sub-areas and in what form.

Recruiting process outsourcing (RPO) is basically suitable for every company, but is particularly useful when many positions have to be filled and recruiting thus represents a high personnel and financial expense for the company. By outsourcing time-consuming operational work, you can not only save time, but also avoid costs and focus fully on your core business. This not only applies to large companies during periods of above-average growth, but also to start-ups that may have little or no recruiting power. Our customers also include medium-sized companies who want to fill more than 30 positions in a short time.

No, in the case of acute order peaks or projects, we support you with an individual outsourcing process. Whether short-term or long-term support - we adapt the RPO solution to your situation as needed.

Ultimately, recruiting as a service is a different form of service delivery. As a customer, you pay for the process and the activities behind it. In the Recruiting Package Premium, a success commission comes into effect, but this is significantly lower than in permanent placement .

If you want to (temporarily) hand over process support and responsibility in recruiting or are facing major organizational challenges in recruiting, then this service is exactly the right choice. Even with individual challenging vacancies, our recruiting package can be advantageous for you, because we can offer you more reach with our network and our technical infrastructure, but at the same time we transmit the applicant data to you exclusively. Each of our recruiting services has its advantages and in the best case we will find out in an initial meeting which is the best service for you.

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